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S23: Section Applied Operator theory

Program of the Section Applied Operator Theory within the Joint Anual Meeting of the DMV and GAMM, March 7-11, 2016 at the TU Braunschweig



Dienstag 08.03.2016
Chair: Birgit Jacob
17:00-17:20Andras Batkai: Product formulas for non-autonomous evolution equations
17:20-17:40Hendrik Vogt: Lp-contractivity via invariance of closed convex sets for non-autonomous evolution equations
17:40-18:00Hafida Laasri: Time-discretisation methods for non-autonomous evolution equations
18:00-18:20Jochen Schmid: Some new results on non-autonomous linear evolution equations
18:20-18:40Felix Schwenninger: Recent Zero-Two-Laws for cosine families
18:40-19:00Jens Wintermayr: Perturbation Theory for Positive Operators
Applied Operator Theory Dinner

Mittwoch 09.03.2016
Chair: Andras Batkai
14:30-14:50Ole Christensen:  Frames and Operator Theory
14:50-15:10Johannes Brasche: On point interactions with a reservoir
15:10-15:30Marcus Waurick: G-convergence and the weak operator topology
Chair: Delio Mugnolo
16:00-16:20Hans Zwart:  Stability of semi-linear abstract differential equations
16:20-16:40Björn Augner: Boundary Feedback Stabilisation of a Class of First-Order Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equations
16:40-17:00Birgit Jacob: Wellposedness of Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equations on the Semiaxis
17:00-17:20Rainer Picard: On the Inhomogeneous Timoshenko Beam with Boundary Damping
17:20-17:40Sascha Trostorff: A class of block-operator matrices in system theory
17:40-18:00Christian Wyss: Dichotomy properties of Hamiltonians for linear systems in extrapolation spaces

Donnerstag 10.03.2016
Chair: Rainer Picard
8:30-8:50Michael Demuth: Estimates for the numbers of eigenvalues for linear operators in Banach spaces
8:50-9:10Hannes Gernandt: Eigenvalue placement for regular matrix pencils with rank one perturbations
9:10-9:30Carsten Trunk: Numerical and quadratic numerical range of operator matrices arising in hydromechanics
Chair: Michael Demuth
13:30-13:50Manfred Möller: A direct and inverse Robin-Regge problem
13:50-14:10Delio Mugnolo: On the spectral gap of a quantum graph
14:10-14:30Philipp Schmitz: Bounds on the non-real spectrum of indefinite Sturm-Liouville operators
14:30-14:50Florian Büttner: Limit-point / limit-circle classification of second-order differential operators and PT quantum mechanics
14:50-15:10Alexander Sakhnovich: Stable procedures of solving inverse problems of Weyl theory
15:10-15:30Fatma Hıra: A Boundary Value Transmission Problem with Moving Discontinuity Points
Chair: Carsten Trunk
17:00-17:20Balint Farkas: A Bohl--Bohr--Kadets type theorem characterizing Banach spaces not containing c0
17:20-17:40Henrik Winkler: Linear Relations and the Kronecker Canonical Form
17:40-18:00Victor Vinnikov: Square summable trajectories of conservative overdetermined multidimensional input/state/output systems and commutative unitary dilations of multiparameter semigroups of contractions  
18:00-18:20Martin Grothaus: A Hypocoercivity Related Ergodicity Method for Singularly Distorted Non-Symmetric Diffusions
18:20-18:40Tuğba Yurdakadim: Korovkin Theory for Unusual Test Functions via Power Series Method